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Smart house system


The system is used for meter reading as well as for automatic collection, processing, storage and display/transfer of obtained information to the client of the system, that is management companies (MC), partnership of housing owners (PHO), payment processing centers (PPC), utility providers (UP), housing owners


After installation of apartment and communal metering devices, it is very important to ensure effective monitoring and planning of energy consumption. Even with meters available at the moment, it is not possible to collect data in a timely manner, charge payments, determine losses, find out illegal connections, and perform on-line determination of operability of a meter. There is an urgent need to review the current approach to organizing of meter reading. This problem is especially severe because of constant increase in housing and public utilities rates.

The solution to this problem is a gradual transition from installation of simple metering devices to installation of metering devices with remote data transmission and creation of dispatch systems. MCC BETAR Ltd. has been successfully implementing projects on introduction of AUTOMATED METER READING SYSTEM (AMR) “SAKLAU” for several years.

The system enables to improve efficiency and reliability of operation of housing and public utilities

Exclusion of human-factor aspect in case of meter reading and transmission of readings and issue of invoices for housing and public utility services

Pass-through calculation of payment for communal use

By taking of one-time snapshot of readings from apartment and communal metering devices, the system makes it possible to calculate communal use in the most accurate way, certainly, subject to errors of the metering devices.

Prevention of tampering of dishonest residents

The system provides information on possible external magnetic effect on apartment meters for cold and hot water

Basiс advantages of AMR
of analog systems

  • reasonable costs for equipment and installation;
  • transfer of meter readings to a single database in the Internet with the ability to connect to the database of authorized customers;
  • several independent data transmission channels, that is the Internet (ADSL, fiber optic, 3G modem, etc.), Wi-Fi, direct PC connection to the hub, visual reading of digital indicators;
  • compatibility and security of the software;
  • easy installation and operation;
  • high reliability and long service life of equipment.

Subscribers, management companies, PHO and payment centers, which have modern information means at their disposal, earn the greatest return of the AMR application.

The system makes it possible to reduce commercial losses, increase collection of payments, reduce the number of controllers, eliminate the human-factor aspect in case of meter readings.

Eventually, the AMR ensures regulation of relationship with service providers and ensures pass-through calculation of payment, both for a provider and consumer.

The cost of introduction of the system varies from 150 to 600 rubles per square meter subject to configuration and topology of the system network.



AMR RS485with a wire interface

Wire version of the system has a reasonable price of the equipment, but it is much more expensive and complicated in case of installation

AMR RFwith a wireless interface

Wireless version of the system is distinguished by simple, convenient, fast and cheap installation, but its equipment is little more expensive. The wireless version is recommended for use in dwelling houses.

Both versions of the system construction provide gradual introduction and further expansion of it, that is, additional meters can be connected to the system and automated data transmission from them can be organized at any time.


Chistopol, Polyushenkov str.

To demonstrate options and verify operational characteristics of AUTOMATED METER READING SYSTEM (AMR) “SAKLAU” the first pilot project for introduction of the system was implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan at the end of 2010. A 42-apartment house located in the city of Chistopol was equipped with the system. The dwelling house consists of two three-floor buildings with two entrances, that is bay A and bay B. Two independent systems are installed on the basis of the house in the following way: one system is installed in bay A, the other one is installed in bay B.

Chistopol, Uritsky str.

Naberezhnye Chelny

A 80-apartment house located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny was equipped with the system. The dwelling house was commissioned in May 2013. It is a 10-floor building with two entrances.


The following information is important for correct calculation of the system introduction at any object

1The number of entrances, floors, apartments in the house, the number of apartments at one floor
2Type, name and number of individual (apartment) and industrial (communal) meters connected to the system
3Floor plan of the object (preferably) or detailed description with an indication of location of meters