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The director of the company Fardeev R.Z. has passed away.

2 may, 2022

With deep regret, we inform you that our CEO, Fardeev Rinat Zakarovich, suddenly died at the age of 67. For all of us, this is an irreparable loss, which we have yet to recognize and accept.

Rinat Zakarovich was a strong and energetic person, a bright and courageous leader, a loving and caring family man. He devoted his entire life to serving the good of society and the country. His love of life and optimism helped us get through the most difficult times, he always knew how to find words of support for everyone.

Rinat Zakarovich conquered with his sensitive attitude to people, the ability to rally the team, he was always attentive to each employee, to their needs and requests. He worked hard to create the best conditions for all of us.

Rinat Zakarovich was always full of bold ideas, knew how to motivate the implementation of the most incredible projects and never doubted the success of the enterprise. Working with him in the same team is always development, growth over oneself, one's fears, doubts.

We will forever remember his kindness and care, his bright personality and his huge contribution to the creation of the enterprise, which, thanks to his great talent as a leader, became known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

The bright memory of Rinat Zakarovich will forever remain in our hearts.