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BETAR and Vega-Absolute start production of a water meter with NB-IoT

3 july, 2020

MCC BETAR ltd. and Vega-Absolute LLC start production of electronic water meters SHVE and SHVE with built-in radio channel, using LPWAN technology based on the NB-IoT protocol.

A distinctive feature of NB-IoT is the use of the existing infrastructure base of mobile operators. The licensed frequency spectrum is used for data transmission. The following bands are defined in Russia — B20 (800MHz), B8 (900MHz) and B3(1800MHz).

The meters are manufactured with a nominal diameter of 15 mm (SHVE-15, SGVE-15) and 20 mm (SHVE -20, SGVE -20).

The meters are equipped with an external magnetic field sensor. The display of the counter will be blocked by prolonged exposure to a magnetic field. Unlocking the display is possible only at the command of the dispatcher.