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BETAR and VEGA- Absolute start production of a new device

1 november, 2018

MCC BETAR ltd. and Vega-Absolute LLC start production of electronic water meters SHVE and SHVE with built-in radio channel.

           The radio channel was implemented using LPWAN technology based on the LoRaWAN protocol, which allows data to be transmitted over long distances (radio communication range in dense urban development is up to 5 km) without using repeaters, and also ensures uninterrupted operation from the built-in battery up to 10 years (device class A).

              The meters are manufactured with a nominal diameter of 15 mm (SHVE-15, SGVE-15) and 20 mm (SHVE -20, SGVE -20).

              The meters are equipped with an external magnetic field sensor. The display of the counter will be blocked by prolonged exposure to a magnetic field. Unlocking the display is possible only at the command of the dispatcher.